Workers’ Compensation

Injured on the job? The workers’ compensation process can be incredibly frustrating, so it is worth your while to seek assistance from a knowledgeable and compassionate workers’ compensation lawyer such as Catherine D. Mollica. Catherine offers a broad spectrum of workers’ compensation services through Mollica Law Offices PC, a trusted Hartford law firm with an impressive track record of success.

Connecticut and the Workers’ Compensation Act

For over a century, the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Act has helped Connecticut employees achieve swift and fair compensation for workplace injuries. The no-fault system aims to hasten the process of obtaining compensation by eliminating the need for proving fault. Instead, employees merely need to prove that they were injured on the job. Disputes that arise in response to workers’ compensation claims are resolved at eight district offices located throughout the State of Connecticut.

How a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Help

Although the Connecticut’s Workers’ Compensation Act eliminates many of the complications that can accompany at-fault workers’ compensation, the process of securing deserved compensation remains quite complex. Even with fault removed from the equation, proving that an injury occurred at work or in response to specific work duties can be difficult, especially if the symptoms of the injury are not readily observable. It is thus imperative for injured employees to seek legal counsel.

The right workers’ compensation lawyer can work within the parameters of Connecticut legislation to ensure that full compensation is secured in a timely manner. The process begins with the filing of a 30C form, which should be made available by your employer and can also be accessed at your local district office. For help with filing and all other aspects of the workers’ compensation process, get in touch with Catherine of Mollica Law Offices PC.

Workers’ Compensation Services at Mollica Law Offices PC

Catherine brings a wealth of knowledge to every private consultation and courtroom appearance. Her guidance has helped numerous employees obtain the compensation they are owed after being injured on the job. Clients speak highly of her unique commitment and creative insight, both of which lead to consistently favorable resolutions. In all legal matters, she draws on a diverse background that includes successful interactions in a wide array of settings and with an even broader range of clients. No matter the nature of your workers’ compensation concerns, you can depend on Catherine for high-quality counsel and effective legal strategy.

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